How Video Analytics Help Security Enhance Awareness and Insight

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As a rule, there is a lot that Video Analytics can do to bolster security – whether that’s motion detection for perimeter security; facial recognition for access control; or artificial intelligence (AI) for object classification, to name a few of the possibilities.

As we consider the promise of video analytics in five key sectors, a common theme emerges. Analytics don’t just enhance the security mission, acting as a force multiplier and driving new levels of awareness and insight. They also boost the position of the security professional, enabling security to leverage its investment in video as a means to drive new levels of efficiency across all levels of the operation.


The security challenge for universities and college campuses rests with sheer acreage. Universities may have a large security footprint, with their own police departments supported by cameras and a monitoring center. But they also have a lot of ground to cover. Analytics can provide a force multiplier.

Facial recognition, for instance, can offer a ‘be on the lookout’ mechanism to help security identify persons of interest. “If there’s a stalker, the analytics can pick up on those individuals,” says Scott Vogel, CEO of Incyte Security, a data analytics consultancy. Geofencing and other analytic tools can likewise help secure a sprawling perimeter. “You may have people hopping the fence at night to avoid the security gate, and analytics can provide a virtual barrier.”


In the healthcare environment, video is of greatest use in helping to secure entry and exit points, whether that is aimed at keeping unwanted individuals out of an emergency-care situation, or at keeping dementia patients in and on-premise at a senior care facility. “Analytics solutions can alert operators when people either enter or exit secure areas without proper identification procedures, such as swiping a badge, or they can utilize some facial recognition features to be sure that the person on camera who has earned entrance to a secure area is the person they are claiming to be,” says Danielle VanZandt, industry analyst for security, aerospace, defense and security at Frost & Sullivan.

Analytics can also be used to identify potential threats that might otherwise be overlooked by security personnel. Left objects or ‘loitering’ analytics will aid hospital security teams to identify either suspicious packages or behaviors, particularly if these alerts are generated in areas that should not have significant amounts of foot-traffic.

Property Management

For security on a commercial property, video alone can’t cover all the bases. Property management requires a combination of broad vision and deep insights. Beyond mere images, analytics can deliver the intelligence to help security professionals make best use of their time and cover ground more effectively.

“You might have teenagers climbing on the roof of the building. Beyond the general liability problem, they are damaging the roof,” Vogel says. “With analytics, you can identify the places where people go up on that roof and notify security. Within seconds you get notification and hopefully can deter that incident”.

Analytics can detect patterns of behavior, noting when a parking lot is filling up. This helps to ensure adequate security coverage when and where it is needed. Video analytic tools can help security to deter theft from commercial properties, by highlighting common traffic-flow patterns and sending out a notification to security officers when those patterns are disrupted. This helps security to see when people may potentially be walking out the back door and, with the help of automated notifications, to respond in real time.

Video analytics Enhances Active Video Surveillace and Security Awareness


Access control is a key issue in manufacturing, with security tasked to ensure that only the right people can get to certain places, especially sensitive production areas and inventory stores.

Analytics can help here by making it easier for security to maintain logs of entries and exits in specialized areas. Paired with facial recognition, video systems can enable security to better manage contractors and visitors.

Analytics can help security to detect anomalies that might be indicative of an emerging situation. “Motion or object detection functions that can detect activity in a specified area, or can pinpoint suspicious objects in an area, will also be of interest to industrial customers,” VanZandt says. Such capabilities might help security to ensure that nothing suspicious or potentially dangerous can be left in their facilities, and to be on guard against activities that could potentially affect operations or cause potential events within a facility.

Manufacturers also can leverage the predictive capability of video analytics to deliver forecasts. Analysis of thermal imaging, for example, can help to schedule downtime for maintenance.

Data Centers

Data center security are unique and deliberate to protect data and critical Information Technology devices to ensure that data driven operations continues. Access control remains Paramount task for security personnel in a data center. Video analytics can be employed to ensure that only authorized staff gain access into the data center by providing image time-stamped reports and appropriate alert in case of access violation.

Thermometric video analytics can help monitor temperature level in a data center and general alerts on abnormal temperature level so as to ensure that data center is kept within minimum required temperature levels for optimum operation of IT devices. Intrusion detection video analytics can also be used to monitor irregular movements withing the data center and alert operators.

All these value added functions make video analytics an attractive proposition across such a wide range of industries that have not been mentioned here. AI, facial recognition, intrusion detection, people counting, object monitoring, geofencing, fire detection, and more can help to elevate security, making the protective force a key player in improving and enhancing operations.

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