Fire Suppression and Alarm System

fire suppression and alarm system

Take complete control in protecting your home, store, business and employees against preventable fire hazards with our Fire Suppression and Alarm System Soltions

conventional Fire detection

Conventional fire alarm are certainly the most simple fire systems, both in terms of installation and function. They also offer the most economical prices when compared with 2-wire or addressable panels however installation costs will differ.

ctec conventional fire suppression and alarm system
gent addressable Fire

addressable fire detection system

An addressable fire alarm system goes one step further in detecting fire and is able to identify the actual detector that was set off, giving you the opportunity to investigate the cause. For this reason, addressable systems are more popular, with the additional feature of naming certain detectors.

wireless fire alarm system

Wireless fire alarm systems are fast becoming the solution of choice for many applications. The enormous flexibility and endless combinations of wireless devices make them a sound choice not only for areas of structural sensitivity but as a method of expanding and enhancing existing wired fire alarm systems.


FM-200 automatic fire Suppression system

High-value assets such as data and sensitive equipment demand the quality fire suppression offered by the ICEL FM-200 Fire Suppression System. The FM-200 system is ideal for areas occupied by personnel and containing assets that could be damaged by water. The low concentration of agent required and low toxicity means less visual obscuration and minimal risk to people.