Business Goals:

Our, ICEL Security and Technologies Ltd, set goals that spur us in serving you better:

SUPERB AWARENESS: Aspire to increase community outreach and public awareness of security systems and become the most noted security provider in the country.

RELIABILITY: Have created a niche as a best service provider, due to our reliable services and proactive customer support

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: Invest in Total Quality Management (TQM) processes that could detect and reduce defects and provide continuous quality improvement for our clients

CAPACITY BUILDING: Work hard to provide a broad service offering and increase our market share and rating across all our service offerings

About ICEL Security and Technologies Ltd

ICEL Security and Technologies Ltd is a cutting edge Information Communication Technology company providing integrated Physical and Cyber Security, Fleet Management, Building Management, Automation and Video Surveillance solutions and services.

Our Services

As a leading integrated physical and cyber security company with extensive expertise across a number of security areas, we are poised to provide a security package customized just for you

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Posted by:Abdulfatai Abdullateef Posted On:17 Apr 2021

In today’s world, and Nigeria in particular, safety and security should always be given high importance and is supposed to be prioritized amidst problem of national insecurity

Offices Ranked ‘High Risk’ Not to be Left Without Access Control in Any Organization

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Today, organizations face an expanding landscape of cyber security threat as well as Physical security threat like never before

Video Analytics

How Video Analytics Help Security Enhance Awareness and Insight

Posted by:Abdulfatai Abdullateef Posted On:14 May 2020

As a rule, there is a lot that Video Analytics can do to bolster security – whether that’s motion detection for perimeter security; facial recognition for access control; or artificial intelligence (AI) for object classification, to name a few of