Corporate Leaders’ Response to Fire Hazards

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One of the best way to mitigate risks to our business and critical infrastructure is to put preventative measures in places for preventable hazards such as Fire, This is the active way known as the corporate leaders’ response to fire hazards.

According to Fire Disaster Prevention and Safety Awareness Association of Nigeria, incessant fire outbreaks in the country has cost the national economy about N6 trillion between 2012 and 2017, while on annual basis, Nigeria is said to be losing about N50 billion and one million lives to fire disasters.

FM200 Fire Suppression System ICEL Security Nigeria
FM200 Fire Suppression System Recommended for your Server Rooms and Data Centers for Data Protection against Fire Hazards.

It has therefore become eminent for corporate leaders to put measures in place to protect their business, Data and Information, Critical Infrastructures and life and also ensure compliance to safety codes/standards.

Take risk assessment, install Fire Alarms, Detection and Suppression Systems, enforce compliance to fire safety codes, and have evacuation plan in place are brilliant risk management approach against preventable fire incidence.

Fire evacuation sign ICEL Security Nigeria
Fire Evacuation Plan with Emergency Exit Signs conspicuously placed to aid evacuation of people

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