EMPLOYEE NEGLIGENCE: A Leading Contributor to Data Breaches

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EMPLOYEE NEGLIGENCE: A Leading Contributor to Data Breaches

In a recent report by the Ponemon Institute, 68 percent of businesses reported that their organization has experienced at least one data breach in the past 12 months, and 69 percent of those breaches involved the loss or theft of paper documents or electronic devices containing sensitive information. Sixty-five percent of managers are concerned their employees or contractors have printed and left behind a document that could lead to a data breach, and 71 percent of managers have seen or picked up confidential documents left in the office printer. Seventy-seven percent of managers say they have accidentally sent an email containing sensitive information to the wrong person, and 88 percent say they have received an email containing sensitive information that they were not meant to receive. Only 39 percent of managers consider the protection of paper documents just as important as the protection of electronic records, and 51 percent of managers do not have a process for disposing of paper documents containing sensitive information. Technology and business managers differed in describing their security responsibilities and protocols.

The report also indicates that only 33 percent of organizations use physical security to prevent unauthorized access to document storage facilities; 38 percent use filing cabinets or locked desks to store these documents, and 31 percent enforce a clean desk policy. Half of managers say their organization does not take any of these steps, and 60 percent agree that employees, temporary employees, and contractors have access to paper documents that are not pertinent to their role or responsibility.

These findings highlight the dangers of employee negligence and the importance of giving equal weight to cyber security and physical information security. (Help Net, 10/01/19)

This danger is exponential when we look at the attitude of the Nigerian employees to diligence. Companies can start by employing Staff Management System and eliminate paper works in attendance taking and efficiently manage shifts, payroll, and better protection for employees data and information. Install Access control to restrict access to offices and rooms housing critical information such as Server rooms, Call Centers, Archives, and Accounting office. Have a central printer in specific office not open to non-staff. Monitor compliance using CCTV. And more…

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