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Corporate Leaders’ Response to Fire Hazards

Posted by:Abdulfatai Abdullateef Posted On:2 May 2020

One of the best way to mitigate risks to our business and critical infrastructure is to put preventative measures in places for preventable hazards such as Fire.

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ACCESS CONTROL: Don’t Give Cyber criminals the Keys to Your Business

Posted by:Abdulfatai Abdullateef Posted On:25 Mar 2020

It’s essential when choosing an access control provider and solution, that the manufacturer and installer emphasize cybersecurity for the whole architecture, from the server down to the reader, above all else...

CORONA VIRUS THREAT: Insight for Security Leaders

Posted by:Abdulfatai Abdullateef Posted On:18 Mar 2020

A key role in corporate security leadership is in understanding global vulnerabilities as part of a shift that goes beyond traditional security concerns...

Bridging Physical and Cyber Security: Preemptive Approach to Enterprise-Wide Risk Management

Posted by:Abdulfatai Abdullateef Posted On:17 Jan 2020

As threats from the cyber and physical realms become increasingly prevalent and complex, enterprise security teams must arm themselves with an integrated approach to security operations—one that incorporates cybersecurity,

Addressing consumer privacy in video surveillance


Posted by:Abdulfatai Abdullateef Posted On:7 Oct 2019

Considering physical security in retail stores and supermarkets, Let's take a look at the ways to address the privacy concerns of the customers in video surveillance.