Vehicle GPS Tracking System Basic

The basic package of our Vehicle GPS Tracking system combines tracking and security functionalities for your vehicles. It is well suited for personal cars, individual logistics trucks, vans e.t.c. The features of this system includes:

  • Listen to voice conversation in the vehicle remotely on your mobile phone.
  • Demobilize and mobilize (start and stop) your vehicle anytime and from anywhere via SMS commands.
  • Track and know the exact location of your vehicles on google map on your mobile phone.
  • Receive instant alert of the status of your vehicle such as engine start or stop, door close or open, etc
  • 12 months warranty at no extra cost.
  • Lifetime 24/7 professional support.

The system is a complete anti-theft system for your vehicle as it afford you the capability to recover your vehicle easily when stolen or snatched.

Vertical Applications