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Video Surveillance solutions are important for the day-to-day monitoring of behaviors, activities and critical infrastructures for full home and corporate security monitoring. Collected by means of a video management system; the data received can be influenced, managed and redirected to prevent theft, control the use of resources, detect intruders and  counter criminal activities. The ICEL’s choice video management software- an essential part of any surveillance system allows you to manage the camera, record settings, view multiple cameras feeds and set alerts for tampering, motion detection, smoke detection, loitering, object disappearance and intrusion detection.

Vertical Applications

We also  offer a wide range of “ICEL choice” Smart, durable security cameras  with high resolutions for high resolution images, clear night vision, remote controlled pan, tilt and zoom functions for best viewing angles, remote access directly to your mobile device. You will also be able to access archives save more time and cost, improve productivity, resolve conflicts and control access for your safety when you upgrade to any of ICEL’s video surveillance systems.

The benefits of adopting a video surveillance system are many and they far outweigh the costs of setup.  Our services come with a guarantee. Request a video surveillance consultation to meet with an ICEL Expert and access your home and corporate video surveillance needs.